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UPS testing drone delivery

This competitive environment I would do if there is a limit 8 miles of the driver confesses that helping make that driver more efficient. The selected copter is designed with enough redundancies to stay here so if I want pop to go out to those out and still lose land to talk to the truck […]

Google drone can already deliver

the only place in the world with drone delivery has been a dream for years but in Australia’s capital the future is become a reality that drones on a mission in its grasp is a package containing hot coffee. It’s a GPS is an address of them under caffeinated customer. To be frank it is […]

Delivering with Uber drones

Today we’re here sending a state university to do the first of a series of trials in terms of actually delivering food in an integrated way with Uber eats. Skip to Video For San Diego state this is a wonderful opportunity and I think what this collaboration this makes it real, you may see where […]