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Amazon drone delivery efforts

By 2015 Amazon prime shows its plans to have smaller items delivered locally within 30 minutes by putting the quadcopter. Within an interview with 60 Minutes Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo says that he expected to be able to implement Amazon prime air as early as 2015, later on the year we can be walking around […]

Amazon drone delivery delays

Cheaply trust company first round delivery six years taking a long there a lot of challenges around Amazon has made the challenge even more complex by trying it’s trying to be autonomous and fully electric that means it Strout has failed to carry packages have enough battery power to reach customer’s home late enough to […]

Drone delivery Canada

We got a defibrillator on Monday for later in the sparrow typically get to the cardio rest patient long before the evidence would cause we can now help save lives we have four drones in the fleet today the largest drone is the Condor looks like up a small helicopter literally gasoline powered it’s 180 […]

Zing Restaurant delivery

Drone delivery succumbing to the United States faster than you may have imagined it’s a quick convenient environmental friendly alternative to traditional things successfully asked me to have my skin just three minutes using their free iPhone app standard consumer drone delivery would’ve taken over 20 minutes to complete by car before launching the app […]

UPS first delivery drone

It’s a small vehicle with huge potential yes it mattered Silicon Valley chrome company are launching the first revenue growth delivery program US at wake med Hospital in Raleigh North Carolina UPS is interested in this technology has changed the game when I feel like UPS shows (shows interest it legitimizes the entire industry and […]

Amazon airship

The skies the limit for Amazon’s flying warehouse… Amazon has filed a patent for self driving airship I can store inventory and be used as a base to launch delivery drones Amazons airborne settlement centers would hover at an altitude of 45,000 feet and be the focal point of a network of unmanned aerial vehicles […]

Uber’s Vision

vzdllj Cooper’s mission is tonight opportunity I said it will the motion for making a transition from being covenants all about ridesharing to company as a platform for all different types of transportation one of those is fair were living in cities where people live in three dimensions and skyscrapers work in three dimensions and […]

Drones helping through the Corona pandemic

This is are struggling during all of this one is seeing its numbers sore wing is still testing their drones in Christiansburg and says their deliveries have doubled 10 news reporter Shane Dwyer shows us how they are expected during this crisis to be a lifeline for other businesses First American home deliveries in Christiansburg […]

Bigger drones for bigger cargo delivery

There’s a new generation of drugs that are being built to fly longer distances Jeff Weiner elevations will carry payloads cargo carrying drones could be coming to airspace. Cargo drones could potentially up and the logistics industry making deliveries that are safe and efficient and environmentally sustainable they could also be a regulatory nature there’s […]

Flirty drone delivery

Already more than half a million registered US nothing quite like a flying robot delivering a package in the UN’s within minutes of placing all that is a magical experience. That magical experience is it is for ways you might 30s the first company to get government approval to make deliveries by drone eating out […]