UPS testing drone delivery

This competitive environment I would do if there is a limit 8 miles of the driver confesses that helping make that driver more efficient.

The selected copter is designed with enough redundancies to stay here so if I want pop to go out to those out and still lose land to talk to the truck you are a fortune to communications often used multiple systems inside the outside.

The truck is its own beacon is broadcasting his position advertisement is broadcasting to through the cloud are talking to each other.

So we put a battery in there they can do the line of sight and that whatever he docs with the truck can charge very quickly off the giant battery electric truck so just designed hop all day short hops.

the fa last year with the step part 107 which basically allows for visual line of sight operation below 400 feet with a drone approach to 55 pounds I can buy up to hundred miles per round.

The next technology merges is behind this online opportunity policy option if I ultimately we want to work on any vehicle regulations and technology disciplines that we need to be able to do it and be safe for everyone that we really want on hospital.

Drone is the same colors of trucks and collision uniform so it’s trusting if somebody tried to hack it you know the driver at least would know about it if we were sending it to you online aside 30 miles right it’s only hearts with the odds of knowing what happened a very rare but here was that somebody basically watching in the end the whole thing is softer right and that the key to keeping it safe just to keep them talking constantly called together our main server is watching everything worst case if we lost 4G then the truck is broadcasting an RF signal grant that turned the truck driver can to control at any time eventually in time so so to have the Thomas route that all the sudden driver could take Sadie the recalling button push or navigated back case a drivers hold so I was having trouble support this is the first live test right so I know it was successful this week and I will just continue to develop and refine.

Yeah I don’t I will try to do further for the photographers we try to do a catalog that is actually good nontraditional delivery and so we can accommodate you guys and something little right now we’re still evaluating technology it’s all about safety for us right now I have assisted with in the regulation for safety is the key factor we have to make sure that our customers the general public and our employees are all safe so when it’s safe and it’s ready to go will be ready