UPS first delivery drone

It’s a small vehicle with huge potential yes it mattered Silicon Valley chrome company are launching the first revenue growth delivery program US at wake med Hospital in Raleigh North Carolina UPS is interested in this technology has changed the game when I feel like UPS shows (shows interest it legitimizes the entire industry and it really separates the entire the automated drones are this is already underway with flights every day curing real medical samples we are using this pilot with Metternich and hospital to really gain learnings work with the FAA and the DOT to really start to understand how we can drive technology forward in the user for different delivery modes are known to transport and monitored by a trained pilot. 5 pounds to lose more than 12 miles Raleigh is being used to carry medical samples for testing at the hospital’s main lab using transit time from hours by ground courier to potentially just minutes benefiting patients with quicker test results drawings have the potential to reshape the way we design our healthcare system this pioneering service is managed by UPS’s Advanced Technology group bargaining issue leads the group called drones the tip of the spear in the company’s transformation efforts what you’re seeing is pagination in action going to play over the next full five years but today is a stepping stone at first step to getting to that can the initial service involves short cost between two buildings on the weekly campus but as the project advances drones will connect the hospital with other Wakeman medical facilities miles apart BS is talking to other hospital systems about drug technology as well drones are the latest innovation by a company that is been evolving for almost 112 years Ganesh this UPS founder Jim Casey would be proud today I think if he were alive you’d be looking at St. man this is awesome this is something we need to be a part of today were here sending a state university to do the first of a series of trials in terms of actually delivering food in an integrated way with for San Diego State this is a wonderful opportunity think with this collaboration because it makes real making see where better developments and drawings basic research can really change and improve people’s lives can work to the first tests we did last year was in a closed environment just tested very very small scale some of the core technologies that we think need to exist from there was how to expand our test operations we went over water provided challenge the drones and the Joan operators that will support your operations from there we need to really refine what we need and ultimately guess you were operating very quick time to enjoy delivery over an apartment which is actually the most challenging apartment.