Uber’s Vision

vzdllj Cooper’s mission is tonight opportunity I said it will the motion for making a transition from being covenants all about ridesharing to company as a platform for all different types of transportation one of those is fair were living in cities where people live in three dimensions and skyscrapers work in three dimensions and skyscrapers and you have a transportation grid that’s in two dimensions that transportation grid will not be able to keep up with three-dimensional lights and that’s what elevators about electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft are the key to doing what we wanted that his people to overcome the gridlock on the ground should use exchange cities by taking the clock six urban aviation say in the process will reduce congestion on the ground and make our cities feel more open and more testable aerial ridesharing is about combining the mental technology which provides affordable clean efficient quiet vertical takeoff and landing flight combining that with the right sharing platform that Cooper’s bill to get higher utilization looks accurate but still have those existing ground transportation options but we would supplement some of the most contested crossing the city with us like let’s say a car or by a course in other forms of transportation to what we call it quits he would then fly five or 10 minutes over the most congested part of your journey when you landed there would be another forced education to take future stage in-house for building software capabilities that will enable operations of vehicles are network and are looking outside for world-class partnerships with aviation companies regarding aircraft developing requirements for our partners to the Beacon Hill help dressed Chinese aircraft to complete the services and means better customers aircraft taking off and landing. Densely populated concentrated cities it was real since pre-scares to be able to do this for partnering with some of the world’s best real estate owners developers and operators to be able to unlock your capacity for taking off and landing aircraft or cities there’s a lot that has to happen collaboratively with both the Federal Aviation Administration and our international regulators worldwide additionally unique substance is absolutely key to getting this product which means working with the community and working with local stakeholders from day one cities are concerned about congestion and air pollution is addressing that a lot of different ways one of the ways it agrees doing this is looking at electrification of cities and forget to create a fleet of aircraft we have to go all electric providing a marketplace for millions of riders were also working with local and federal governments to build out network operations center and air traffic management systems to make these flights practical and safe this is a whole new transportation system that’s been designed from scratch 15 to 30 years cities are actually new degrees of freedom for them to grow lower operating incredibly productive ultimately transportation has to be shared capacity electric and it has to be in three dimensions and I think we can play a part that and I think they’re going to be plenty of cities around the world but said yup I want that