Google drone can already deliver

the only place in the world with drone delivery has been a dream for years but in Australia’s capital the future is become a reality that drones on a mission in its grasp is a package containing hot coffee.

It’s a GPS is an address of them under caffeinated customer.

To be frank it is what it ridiculous that you can order a coffee in evidence right minutes but I have been a suburb of Australia capital Canberra alphabet week is conducting one of the most advanced role delivery test yet I hope it were able to build test and show a service that makes roads safer by taking vehicles off of the road and also reduces omissions.

The company worldwide have been interested in the idea of drug delivery for your Amazon book drop in 2016 world English Chinese online retailer delivered packages world China.

In going into this trial with Google we are confident that we can have a product in the customer’s hand in the original quality Paul Davis owns kickstart espresso I guess that’s spelled with an X to date kickstart a specialized in drive-through coffee now is partnered with Google to test delivery via drone.

Breath taxi work then it sent off to the address the user inputs.

Five flights were forced early for the test Australia’s aviation you later grant the company an exemption from the cross federal rules spokesman for the right leader said no crashes or malfunctions have been reported so far but safety isn’t the biggest concern for me to write, it helps me local rest and member of a group called the niacin against drones or bad she like others in the group felt like the drone started operating without warning.

And on the weekends she says the noise is the worst she can hear them flying starting at 8 AM this back-and-forth back and forth back and forth holding Johnson’s as part of the issue is that noise the drone makes is a new noise that human ears aren’t use to hearing at this point the company has already taken steps to quiet the drones but wink declined to let us film the less noisy propellers that are developing the noises the number one issue at the moment but if it’s quarter, doesn’t get one eight-week to prophecy the intrusiveness that the safety net.

She turned leads the bad community group and others are also concerned about the camera aboard the drone what it’s recording and where the data is being sent.

Charge undertaking a very low resolution photo only for navigational purposes on the bottom camera that is unseen in real time by anyone is equivalent to an airplane’s black box it’s only use for debugging if there’s an issue but I think Wayne can probably address sale consent some I don’t have to stop flying drones which I don’t want to do.

Member of the group deliver the petition to the local Parliament with more than a thousand signatures calling on lawmakers to block future household drone delivery in Canberra.

But wing is planning to quite the opposite in the new year the company plans to move its operations to a permanent facility just north of Canberra and scale up the delivery services will also begin testing delivery in Finland in the spring.