Flirty drone delivery

Already more than half a million registered US nothing quite like a flying robot delivering a package in the UN’s within minutes of placing all that is a magical experience.

That magical experience is it is for ways you might 30s the first company to get government approval to make deliveries by drone eating out Amazon and Google.

Clear and ready where the desert outside of the ring on the seat beside where this will start them regularly test its delivery drawings and what is the scenario we’re talking about today tell us about that with the customer application this will to the customer application a simple human response on you push a button you don’t want to move the count of medicine. We loaded up the package they to the customer’s home location smartphone location and then when the customer is ready to receive the delivery the drop-off is about 50 feet of trees about buildings and about how long was that 100 accounts coming down 45 feet with design custom packaging to ensure that cold food stays cold hot food stays hot and delicate foods stay unbroken.

Suspension of letting turn the liver usually don’t year and this meant exactly we then fly back and land autonomously when we took off from reload the trying to conduct that delivery again.

All the test testing in the desert is paying off 40 drones are already delivering Domino’s Pizza in New Zealand and in July 30 teamed up with 711 to make a first-round delivery of over-the-counter medicine to a customer’s home in the United States.

We are operating in the name of Whitney will be able to deliver to you within 10 minutes of you placing with this on the counter and scurried up to 5 1/2 pounds from to 10 miles the hexa captains powered by lithium polymer batteries in their electrically powered green aircraft right now 30s meeting to take a light syndrome delivering the next step is turning the head started to profit to do that Matt Sweeney will have to convince a lot of shoppers that a magical experience of a box truck from the sky is worth the premium delivery fee.

would you want drone delivery if you’re hungry would you want pizza delivered by car during peak hour traffic.

And if your kids the sick would you want the over-the-counter medicine delivered from 7-Eleven within 10 minutes by flooding or would you prefer a larger kitchen and will call at night and take him down into the store and within several years drone delivery will be as common as seeing a truck delivering packages on the street today.