Drones helping through the Corona pandemic

This is are struggling during all of this one is seeing its numbers sore wing is still testing their drones in Christiansburg and says their deliveries have doubled 10 news reporter Shane Dwyer shows us how they are expected during this crisis to be a lifeline for other businesses First American home deliveries in Christiansburg companies. In the Lancet tenant says the landscape has completely changed technology show because technology doesn’t rely on anything and when the company 19 outbreak people are avoiding the stores or flat out key and go outside Christiansburg families have been ordering drones to their doorsteps for months but now they’re doing it even more we actually seen a significant breaking days in the past couple of weeks amid the shutdown wing has fast-track bringing more stores and products online you can now order pastries for Mockingbird CafĂ© for delivery crucial for owner Donna Speakes who survives on walking customers we’ve always been based on bringing business to the downtown area and that’s almost impossible this is gonna make a big difference resolute through a brew coffee is offering his beans and cold brew free air delivery wanted to be with wings as they launched and now it could help