Drone delivery Canada

We got a defibrillator on Monday for later in the sparrow typically get to the cardio rest patient long before the evidence would cause we can now help save lives we have four drones in the fleet today the largest drone is the Condor looks like up a small helicopter literally gasoline powered it’s 180 kg payload capacity which is 400 pounds 200 km in range of the hundred 20 km an hour and then as you move to the smaller drones because the falcon would electric its capacities because around 50 pounds of excitement around 60 km range and then as you go smaller we have the Robin which is one 11 1/2 kg payload capacity which is about 25 pounds at about 40 km and that are smallest one is the sparrow and it is a cargo capacity of about 4 1/2 kg about 10 pounds in a range of 30 C 7 o’clock the applications for all the more similar they could be medical your moving a defibrillator blood tests organs blowout any kind of medical products we can also be postal mail could be e-commerce in the larger drones but those things in bulk could be industrial applications words I really heavy lift heavy heavy product it’s going a long distance of one of count hydraulic hose in its go to an oil rig off the coast in Canada and even globally to a certain extent it’s still a nascent industry for cargo drones other Lotta people who use drones for not being in surveillance of photography from spring of these are the things the hurdles to move forward in in the industry have really been to prove the technology to the regulator transport Canada. Canada number one we don’t have cameras on the drones eventually as the regional privacy issue were not on any money enough flying on what he but is home and then from a safety point of view we’ve done thousands of hours of testing and thousands of flights becomes the noise electric drones despite their size being a little larger than the consumer drone is actually very quiet flight 200 to 400 feet above the ground and we can we not flying in high density work actually pretty quiet I would say even quieter than a large jet flying overhead at 30,000.