Delivering with Uber drones

Today we’re here sending a state university to do the first of a series of trials in terms of actually delivering food in an integrated way with Uber eats.

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For San Diego state this is a wonderful opportunity and I think what this collaboration this makes it real, you may see where better developments in drones basic research can change and improve people’s lives.

Look to the first test we did last year was in a closed environment so we just tested it very very small scale some of the core technologies that we think need to exist from where we start expanding our test operations; we went over water to challenge the drones. The drone operators that supported their operations from there have to really refine what we need and ultimately get us here were operating very quick, time to enjoy delivery over urban apartment which is the most challenging apartment to operate a drone.

So this is the first test where our partners reported these pieces together. What we did is we demonstrated how we can start with the order or originating through the deliveries of the order, load the food into a specially designed project that packaging is attached to the drone of the drone that flies a mile to deliver and dropped off a package at the location and then the packages delivered by the courier to the final destination. Today we just did a very limited test and it arrived on time but we will be building up in complexity as we get these additional approvals from the FAA over time as we’re able to then execute the simple mission’s but do it in a safe repeatable and very reliable way.

By partnering with the FAA we believe that we found a solution to be certified; if you’re wondering if our carriers that not only meets all the regulations that are required but also meets or operates as safely as possible as efficiently as possible.

Within a period of a handful of months late last year we made progress very rapidly to start seeing our vision scale.

Delivering in urban areas is extremely hard work but we can leverage our carrier network to land these delivery drones on car delivery vehicles which takes the number as gain from our aviation initiative over the last two years combining that with reach business to build something magical.

It is such a big thing going to any restaurant and seven people are waiting to pick up drive it to somebody’s house it’s a great convenience for pretty she could make more convenient drones got there even faster phenomenal improvement for the region.