Amazon drone delivery efforts

By 2015 Amazon prime shows its plans to have smaller items delivered locally within 30 minutes by putting the quadcopter.

Within an interview with 60 Minutes Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo says that he expected to be able to implement Amazon prime air as early as 2015, later on the year we can be walking around moving pretty bring people off bringing lightning table been things are completed run to target for the future we talked about drones being used for delivery we complete organizations are planning to you can drop medicine and other supplies in developing nations drilling companies do Cal is looking to use the on-demand would you really around the corner for a company as large as Amazon well there are a lot of technical and regulatory problems be solved before something like Pioneer can get off the ground currently in the US anything flying under 400 feet and operators one of sight is considered a model airplane port with Nokia like the FAA has been ready since release clearance to relax regulation benefit with a large number of unwashed drones in the public airspace thing is to have high crash rates and for maneuvering they also have a tendency to get across to me centers on most of them just aren’t sensitive enough to feed a tree branch quick enough not to build on the FAA is worried about moving object in the air even low-flying aircraft in certain areas of the drone trouble and avoid quickly enough to cause a lot of damage also concerned about civilian drones being hijacked wirelessly and flown to a different location with the department of homeland security did summer and I just want drone and and landing your stuff in their yard I’m not sure how easy that is but you can bet it’s something on Amazon mine then you got simple human concern if you drone flying you knock it out here you ground we can’t landing on some with point he’s not a package people did homework I’m sure there will be things like mobile alerts let people know when you drones only begun people gaming the system you know when I thought no delivery system the blame as the middleman and so Amazon would be responsible. From the second credit and detective over the like and you got the makings of something that could be in legislation for a long time front your foundation is worry about true pride of the ACLU is worried about the robot and the government just worry about your criminal in Georgia the drone was being used in the right and would be pretty bad for you to climb right in there. I do believe it will likely 15 but I think there’s more here contango when Amazon would like to think this is no fly-by-night operation and the beach is drilling on while before ideas like Connor passed legislation with flying colors I’m just saying it might be a flight of fancy art and you should expect along the way what you guys think