Amazon drone delivery efforts

By 2015 Amazon prime shows its plans to have smaller items delivered locally within 30 minutes by putting the quadcopter.

Within an interview with 60 Minutes Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo says that he expected to be able to implement Amazon prime air as early as 2015, later on the year we can be walking around moving pretty bring people off bringing lightning table been things are completed run to target for the future we talked about drones being used for delivery we complete organizations are planning to you can drop medicine and other supplies in developing nations drilling companies do Cal is looking to use the on-demand would you really around the corner for a company as large as Amazon well there are a lot of technical and regulatory problems be solved before something like Pioneer can get off the ground currently in the US anything flying under 400 feet and operators one of sight is considered a model airplane port with Nokia like the FAA has been ready since release clearance to relax regulation benefit with a large number of unwashed drones in the public airspace thing is to have high crash rates and for maneuvering they also have a tendency to get across to me centers on most of them just aren’t sensitive enough to feed a tree branch quick enough not to build on the FAA is worried about moving object in the air even low-flying aircraft in certain areas of the drone trouble and avoid quickly enough to cause a lot of damage also concerned about civilian drones being hijacked wirelessly and flown to a different location with the department of homeland security did summer and I just want drone and and landing your stuff in their yard I’m not sure how easy that is but you can bet it’s something on Amazon mine then you got simple human concern if you drone flying you knock it out here you ground we can’t landing on some with point he’s not a package people did homework I’m sure there will be things like mobile alerts let people know when you drones only begun people gaming the system you know when I thought no delivery system the blame as the middleman and so Amazon would be responsible. From the second credit and detective over the like and you got the makings of something that could be in legislation for a long time front your foundation is worry about true pride of the ACLU is worried about the robot and the government just worry about your criminal in Georgia the drone was being used in the right and would be pretty bad for you to climb right in there. I do believe it will likely 15 but I think there’s more here contango when Amazon would like to think this is no fly-by-night operation and the beach is drilling on while before ideas like Connor passed legislation with flying colors I’m just saying it might be a flight of fancy art and you should expect along the way what you guys think

Amazon drone delivery delays

Cheaply trust company first round delivery six years taking a long there a lot of challenges around Amazon has made the challenge even more complex by trying it’s trying to be autonomous and fully electric that means it Strout has failed to carry packages have enough battery power to reach customer’s home late enough to fly it off have to learn how to identify and avoid obstacles and objects on the ground and Indiana was trying to shape like hexagon in the flight hybrid fashion that means it can take off vertically like a helicopter until to fly forward like an airplane the drone uses cameras thermal imaging and other sensors to detect objects and navigate the world around it people and animals on the ground powerlines to avoid other objects in the air McCarrick Myers Amazon says it hopes to begin drone delivery within months but it still needs regulatory approval to do so so far in the US only alphabets wing aviation has permission to operate a commercial service not only in small areas of Virginia so if Amazon does receive approval it will likely be for a limited scope program is not just regulators that need to be one over its consumers and their neighbors back to be convinced drones are convenient and not dangerous as they fly overhead and delivered packages to backyards

Drone delivery Canada

We got a defibrillator on Monday for later in the sparrow typically get to the cardio rest patient long before the evidence would cause we can now help save lives we have four drones in the fleet today the largest drone is the Condor looks like up a small helicopter literally gasoline powered it’s 180 kg payload capacity which is 400 pounds 200 km in range of the hundred 20 km an hour and then as you move to the smaller drones because the falcon would electric its capacities because around 50 pounds of excitement around 60 km range and then as you go smaller we have the Robin which is one 11 1/2 kg payload capacity which is about 25 pounds at about 40 km and that are smallest one is the sparrow and it is a cargo capacity of about 4 1/2 kg about 10 pounds in a range of 30 C 7 o’clock the applications for all the more similar they could be medical your moving a defibrillator blood tests organs blowout any kind of medical products we can also be postal mail could be e-commerce in the larger drones but those things in bulk could be industrial applications words I really heavy lift heavy heavy product it’s going a long distance of one of count hydraulic hose in its go to an oil rig off the coast in Canada and even globally to a certain extent it’s still a nascent industry for cargo drones other Lotta people who use drones for not being in surveillance of photography from spring of these are the things the hurdles to move forward in in the industry have really been to prove the technology to the regulator transport Canada. Canada number one we don’t have cameras on the drones eventually as the regional privacy issue were not on any money enough flying on what he but is home and then from a safety point of view we’ve done thousands of hours of testing and thousands of flights becomes the noise electric drones despite their size being a little larger than the consumer drone is actually very quiet flight 200 to 400 feet above the ground and we can we not flying in high density work actually pretty quiet I would say even quieter than a large jet flying overhead at 30,000.

Zing Restaurant delivery

Drone delivery succumbing to the United States faster than you may have imagined it’s a quick convenient environmental friendly alternative to traditional things successfully asked me to have my skin just three minutes using their free iPhone app standard consumer drone delivery would’ve taken over 20 minutes to complete by car before launching the app automatically checks to make sure the drones fly Does not pass covering the schools in prisons or through any controlled airspace if the player Is saved the drone is understood to be Thomas package attached and begins flying directly to the customer during flight the drone pilot can adjust the heading and speed up the drone path remains intact when the drone arrives at the location the drone pilot is given back control press safe point will dissent once the user receives the packet the pilot desktops return home to come back and land autonomously using airlocks technology actively monitors for man’s aircraft on a collision course with the drone and once the pilot also includes an import button to resume manual control at any time during the flight if needed together build an environmentally friendly and sustainable future thing is aiming to enable over 100,000 FAA certified drone pilots to start making local delivery using the same drones they already know and trunks the free iPhone app how to build withholding to address them and is available now on the App Store zinc is now inviting golf courses clubhouses beach bars and other eligible businesses to join the drone delivery platform

UPS first delivery drone

It’s a small vehicle with huge potential yes it mattered Silicon Valley chrome company are launching the first revenue growth delivery program US at wake med Hospital in Raleigh North Carolina UPS is interested in this technology has changed the game when I feel like UPS shows (shows interest it legitimizes the entire industry and it really separates the entire the automated drones are this is already underway with flights every day curing real medical samples we are using this pilot with Metternich and hospital to really gain learnings work with the FAA and the DOT to really start to understand how we can drive technology forward in the user for different delivery modes are known to transport and monitored by a trained pilot. 5 pounds to lose more than 12 miles Raleigh is being used to carry medical samples for testing at the hospital’s main lab using transit time from hours by ground courier to potentially just minutes benefiting patients with quicker test results drawings have the potential to reshape the way we design our healthcare system this pioneering service is managed by UPS’s Advanced Technology group bargaining issue leads the group called drones the tip of the spear in the company’s transformation efforts what you’re seeing is pagination in action going to play over the next full five years but today is a stepping stone at first step to getting to that can the initial service involves short cost between two buildings on the weekly campus but as the project advances drones will connect the hospital with other Wakeman medical facilities miles apart BS is talking to other hospital systems about drug technology as well drones are the latest innovation by a company that is been evolving for almost 112 years Ganesh this UPS founder Jim Casey would be proud today I think if he were alive you’d be looking at St. man this is awesome this is something we need to be a part of today were here sending a state university to do the first of a series of trials in terms of actually delivering food in an integrated way with for San Diego State this is a wonderful opportunity think with this collaboration because it makes real making see where better developments and drawings basic research can really change and improve people’s lives can work to the first tests we did last year was in a closed environment just tested very very small scale some of the core technologies that we think need to exist from there was how to expand our test operations we went over water provided challenge the drones and the Joan operators that will support your operations from there we need to really refine what we need and ultimately guess you were operating very quick time to enjoy delivery over an apartment which is actually the most challenging apartment.

Amazon airship

The skies the limit for Amazon’s flying warehouse… Amazon has filed a patent for self driving airship I can store inventory and be used as a base to launch delivery drones Amazons airborne settlement centers would hover at an altitude of 45,000 feet and be the focal point of a network of unmanned aerial vehicles the self driving airships were carrying a cargo of Amazon products and unmanned drones to deliver goods to customers coverage with patent filed by Amazon

Uber’s Vision

vzdllj Cooper’s mission is tonight opportunity I said it will the motion for making a transition from being covenants all about ridesharing to company as a platform for all different types of transportation one of those is fair were living in cities where people live in three dimensions and skyscrapers work in three dimensions and skyscrapers and you have a transportation grid that’s in two dimensions that transportation grid will not be able to keep up with three-dimensional lights and that’s what elevators about electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft are the key to doing what we wanted that his people to overcome the gridlock on the ground should use exchange cities by taking the clock six urban aviation say in the process will reduce congestion on the ground and make our cities feel more open and more testable aerial ridesharing is about combining the mental technology which provides affordable clean efficient quiet vertical takeoff and landing flight combining that with the right sharing platform that Cooper’s bill to get higher utilization looks accurate but still have those existing ground transportation options but we would supplement some of the most contested crossing the city with us like let’s say a car or by a course in other forms of transportation to what we call it quits he would then fly five or 10 minutes over the most congested part of your journey when you landed there would be another forced education to take future stage in-house for building software capabilities that will enable operations of vehicles are network and are looking outside for world-class partnerships with aviation companies regarding aircraft developing requirements for our partners to the Beacon Hill help dressed Chinese aircraft to complete the services and means better customers aircraft taking off and landing. Densely populated concentrated cities it was real since pre-scares to be able to do this for partnering with some of the world’s best real estate owners developers and operators to be able to unlock your capacity for taking off and landing aircraft or cities there’s a lot that has to happen collaboratively with both the Federal Aviation Administration and our international regulators worldwide additionally unique substance is absolutely key to getting this product which means working with the community and working with local stakeholders from day one cities are concerned about congestion and air pollution is addressing that a lot of different ways one of the ways it agrees doing this is looking at electrification of cities and forget to create a fleet of aircraft we have to go all electric providing a marketplace for millions of riders were also working with local and federal governments to build out network operations center and air traffic management systems to make these flights practical and safe this is a whole new transportation system that’s been designed from scratch 15 to 30 years cities are actually new degrees of freedom for them to grow lower operating incredibly productive ultimately transportation has to be shared capacity electric and it has to be in three dimensions and I think we can play a part that and I think they’re going to be plenty of cities around the world but said yup I want that

Drones helping through the Corona pandemic

This is are struggling during all of this one is seeing its numbers sore wing is still testing their drones in Christiansburg and says their deliveries have doubled 10 news reporter Shane Dwyer shows us how they are expected during this crisis to be a lifeline for other businesses First American home deliveries in Christiansburg companies. In the Lancet tenant says the landscape has completely changed technology show because technology doesn’t rely on anything and when the company 19 outbreak people are avoiding the stores or flat out key and go outside Christiansburg families have been ordering drones to their doorsteps for months but now they’re doing it even more we actually seen a significant breaking days in the past couple of weeks amid the shutdown wing has fast-track bringing more stores and products online you can now order pastries for Mockingbird Café for delivery crucial for owner Donna Speakes who survives on walking customers we’ve always been based on bringing business to the downtown area and that’s almost impossible this is gonna make a big difference resolute through a brew coffee is offering his beans and cold brew free air delivery wanted to be with wings as they launched and now it could help

Bigger drones for bigger cargo delivery

There’s a new generation of drugs that are being built to fly longer distances Jeff Weiner elevations will carry payloads cargo carrying drones could be coming to airspace.

Cargo drones could potentially up and the logistics industry making deliveries that are safe and efficient and environmentally sustainable they could also be a regulatory nature there’s a reason that giant companies like Google and Amazon and UPS are pushing ahead with their plans to build the skies with cargo.

Bonnie Morgan Stanley estimates that autonomous turbine aircraft could eventually become a $1.5 trillion industry by 2040 and that includes everything from vertical takeoff of the aircraft flying cars military UAVs NDS delivery drafts there are a whole bunch of delivery drones that are being tested today what if you want to receive something that’s heavier than it before they can we get all that cash drone operators are out to prove the devices can deliver a social good that’s why so many pilot programs are focused on delivering medicine.

Internet is working with PS to deliver blood samples to hospitals Carolina since the wind is flying in medical supplies to remote locations Wanda superhero’s dispensing vaccine other medications to tiny islands of the Pacific all those clothes exist today but what about the ones that are still under development heavy lifters it’s called and cargo drugs drugs that are built to fly higher and further than anything available today all while carrying
really heavy loads.

The Sabre wing is working on a prototype that can achieve speeds of up to 180 kn cruising altitude as high as 22,000 feet is called regal which yes is one of the dragons from conference others called novice and it’s working on a 30 foot prototype about the size and weight of a military creditor will be capable of transporting 700 pounds of cargo a distance of 2500 nautical miles company is also working on a larger scale to Tun Frieder about the size of a Boeing 777 both companies are using measurements associated with boats because there be designed to take off and land in the water and that’s because they probably won’t get the regulatory approval to fly over populated areas.

King of Boeing Aerospace giant is working on its own heavy duty drunk capable of carrying he puts a 500 pounds current work goes into building a cargo ground to find out we visited the offices of Elroy air in San Francisco to see that company’s autonomous vehicle drones for ourselves L Roy CEO Dave Merrill talked about the challenge of building an aircraft capable of carrying this kind of way at this scale there’s a lot more modeling the goes and a lot more aired in Mexico’s and you need more capital you need specialized expertise for testing each building block so it’s really a different kind of effort in building smaller ground system.

Merrill said that while some companies are retrofitting their drones for autonomous flight Elroy is building its aircraft to be self flying from the one they are being built to attach the drop cargo as well as take off and land without any human interaction so the aircraft is able to land Texas to a cargo pod pick it up and then take off again without being a person to come out and load or unload the system we did that to save time so the aircraft can just stay always in motion always being utilized and they also were designed for much longer range most delivery drones people are thinking about the last mile we think about the last hundred miles.

Elroy envisions it system being used deliver packages over medium distances in rule areas or between distribution centers the benefit of vertical takeoff and landing is that you have a lot more flexibility in where the system can operate from so it can take off and land from an airport or helipad but also can take off from a parking lot or the rooftop of the parking garage or even a field the company hopes to have a fleet of autonomous drones in the air making deliveries by 2020 I don’t think it’s as far away as as we think.

Thank you think that companies are betting that some portion of automated flight are going to be moving stuff around it’s not just small pack this idea of using drones to goods giant warehouses super interest but also he raises some valid concerns about energy consumption 2018 study the journal nature found that electric drones will be more efficient trunks and cars bedroom can reduce greenhouse gas emissions per package delivery in most areas of the country by a decent amount didn’t really little of both carbon in the city grid layout Weston in New York State you can reduce it by half or more in the study found that benefits may be reduced once electricity use for recharging warehousing was factored in drones clearly have less environmental impact one item delivery by car.

The big problem is regulation unresolved issues include whether it is safe to allow drones to fly Viada pilots visual line of sight operated night what if I were people to answer these questions the FAA created a pilot program to see how a Druid delivery system might look real life wing and Hooper are two of the companies participating but not Amazon which is instead testing instruments with a consortium of European companies built the tech development race for urban air mobility is going on right now the technology as it advances should think through how it’s going to meet those certifications and make it make it safe for everybody to whatever set of guidelines the FAA private sector come up with that huge implications for cargo drugs but also maybe for the way that we get around in cities and future urban air mobility is increasingly a hot pursuit among tech and aerospace company as ridiculous as it sounds the idea of flying cars gaining serious traction for investing hundreds of millions of dollars in drilling companies today because they believe that they will be more efficient and better for the environment than the current system that’s making people really nervous of pew research Center survey 2017 found that 11% of Americans support through 1234% fever some limits up to 4% disapprove of drones flying your residential areas they cite privacy and noise as their top concerns developers can address these concerns and build out and network delivery drawings and are quite safe and efficient well skies the limit

Flirty drone delivery

Already more than half a million registered US nothing quite like a flying robot delivering a package in the UN’s within minutes of placing all that is a magical experience.

That magical experience is it is for ways you might 30s the first company to get government approval to make deliveries by drone eating out Amazon and Google.

Clear and ready where the desert outside of the ring on the seat beside where this will start them regularly test its delivery drawings and what is the scenario we’re talking about today tell us about that with the customer application this will to the customer application a simple human response on you push a button you don’t want to move the count of medicine. We loaded up the package they to the customer’s home location smartphone location and then when the customer is ready to receive the delivery the drop-off is about 50 feet of trees about buildings and about how long was that 100 accounts coming down 45 feet with design custom packaging to ensure that cold food stays cold hot food stays hot and delicate foods stay unbroken.

Suspension of letting turn the liver usually don’t year and this meant exactly we then fly back and land autonomously when we took off from reload the trying to conduct that delivery again.

All the test testing in the desert is paying off 40 drones are already delivering Domino’s Pizza in New Zealand and in July 30 teamed up with 711 to make a first-round delivery of over-the-counter medicine to a customer’s home in the United States.

We are operating in the name of Whitney will be able to deliver to you within 10 minutes of you placing with this on the counter and scurried up to 5 1/2 pounds from to 10 miles the hexa captains powered by lithium polymer batteries in their electrically powered green aircraft right now 30s meeting to take a light syndrome delivering the next step is turning the head started to profit to do that Matt Sweeney will have to convince a lot of shoppers that a magical experience of a box truck from the sky is worth the premium delivery fee.

would you want drone delivery if you’re hungry would you want pizza delivered by car during peak hour traffic.

And if your kids the sick would you want the over-the-counter medicine delivered from 7-Eleven within 10 minutes by flooding or would you prefer a larger kitchen and will call at night and take him down into the store and within several years drone delivery will be as common as seeing a truck delivering packages on the street today.